Thread Sensor Tag

– Ideation
– Concept Design
– Industrial Design

"Thread sensor tag" is a low power sensor to measure pressure, temperature, humidity and light in a very small form factor running on a coin-cell battery for ~3 years. It uses OpenThread as a network and sends its collected data every 20 sesconds.
The 3D-printed housing can easily be mounted to any surface.

With this open-source project, we try to make OpenThread more available to the community because we think it is a great step into connecting devices and smart homes.

OpenThread networks are not yet available everywhere but will be in the future. Apple and Google are already preparing their devices to be ready to connect.

All documentation, code and schematics are open source, you can find the links at where also the sensor is available.

This  project is an initiative of Mirko Häberlin and Wassim Filali.


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