Making EV-charging ubiquitous.
Developing smart fall sensors.

Reinventing home gardening.
Creating intelligent air monitors.
Minimizing the effort for RNA testing.
Imagining superhuman connected devices.


Formfjord is a Berlin based design studio and renowned for its functional product design since 2006.

By translating visions into innovative product experiences, we aim to build a more enjoyable and
more sustainable, more healty and more convenient future.

We bring together a deep technical understanding, solid engineering skills, 15+ year of experience with a passionate and infinite thirst to build better products. We lead your projects through the complete product development process – in partnership and at eye level.

Focussed, consistent, strong.



The Formfjord team, designers and experts to fit the very project, is bulld around Dipl. Ing. Fabian Baumann. Fabian holds a degree in mechanical engineering and is a product developer at heart. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, he is creative director and head of engineering at Formfjord.


We have gathered an incredible local and international network of people and companies who extend our expertise and possibilities in all kinds of dimensions. From 3d-printing to injection moulding. From simulation to PCB design.
Together with this network we can quickly adjust to the projects needs and work very efficiently and fast.

Selected Clients.


What our clients say about us.

„Fabian Baumann and his Studio Formfjord are a long term and very close partner in ubitricity’s product design. Fabian adapts the companys‘ and users perspective very quick and tanslates the needs into a clean and professional product design. His technical skills in complex and even highly regulated environments and his own partner network are extremely valuable. Fabian combines quick and stable design approaches at the same time which is one of the best things you could think of when including external partners in a dynamic market like e-mobility. We are proud to name Fabian part of the ubitricity family“

Philipp Sindberg, Teamlead Hardware Development, ubitricity, Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH

“Formfjord war maßgeblich für das Industriedesign des Bosch Vivalytic Systems 
verantworlich. Die Arbeit mit Fabian hat große Freude gemacht! Er ist ein außergewöhnlicher Industriedesigner, der es versteht, User-zentrierte Konzepte mit formschönen Design und vor allem mit seinem Ingenieurswissen für eine industrielle Realisierbarkeit zu vereinen. Das tolle Ergebnis seiner Arbeit wurde mit dem RedDot sowie dem iF-Award prämiert “

Karsten Seidl, 
Professor at University of Duisburg-Essen and Head of Department at Fraunhofer IMS,
ehem. Produktmanager Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH.

An Interview between Internationalen Design Zentrum Berlin (IDZ) and our founder Fabian Baumann can be found here:
Interview with Fabian Baumann / Formfjord.

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