PIKKSENSE - modular smart home product for PIKK-Systems
State-of-the-Art smart home solutions

PIKKSENSE is a range of smart home products for different use cases, all assembled from a modular set of interchangeable parts designed to minimize cost, logistics and waste.
Each product is  equipped with a set of ultra-low-power-sensors 
engineered to deliver best of class user experiences for its use-case.

With 5 different modular inlays, PIKKSENSE can be customized for the very usecase.
Sensors include air quality, 
CO2 -level, temperatur, humidity, VOC, TVOC, eCO2 quality, movement, schock, position, vibration and people-count - all with an ultra-low energy consumption. 


Selected Works

Energy transition made easy.Industrial Design / Engineering / Package Design

Sunset tablet mountIndustrial Design

Control, metering and billing of flexible assetsIndustrial Design, Engineering

Digital access hubIndustrial Design

Smarter concreteIndustrial Design

Tonic ProjectIndustrial Design

Tonic NCSIndustrial Design

Making EV-charging ubiquitous.Industrial Design, Engineering

Easy antigen testing.Industrial Design

Superhuman connected devices.Industrial Design, Engineering

Reinventing home gardening.Industrial Design

Minimalist, Intelligent air monitoring.Industrial Design / UX / UI

Body temperature check - safe entry.Industrial Design / UX / UI

Minimal form, mild light.Industrial Design, Engineering

High-End lighting solution.Industrial Design

Lighten up.Industrial Design, Engineering

Open sesame.Industrial Design, Engineering

Pivotal concept.Industrial Design, Engineering

Gesture controlled racing.Industrial Design, Engineering

Central to the room.Industrial Design, Engineering

Smart meter to go.Industrial Design, Engineering

Award winning simplicity with a texture.Industrial Design, Engineering

Robo on the spot.Industrial Design, Engineering

Bicycle locking reinvented.Industrial Design, Engineering

Inside the box WLAN Router.Industrial Design, Engineering

Welcoming warm.Industrial Design, Engineering

Sensorik 4.0Industrial Design, Engineering

Woven into the fabric of everyday life.Industrial Design, Engineering

Makes the living room a wonderful place.Industrial Design, Engineering

Home-office in full control.Industrial Design, Engineering

Tool-less magic in the making.Industrial Design, Engineering

Ambient assisted life - award winning.Industrial Design, Engineering

Cast iron meets candle light.Industrial Design, Engineering

Consumer electronics - users delight.Industrial Design, Engineering

Trivet, Stack it, nest it.Industrial Design, Engineering

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