Kitchen utensils for rig-tig by Stelton

Caraffe Cleaner  – a new way of cleaning

Innovation, function and design at its highest. No more calcium buildup in your carafes or vases! You won’t believe it before you see it! Fill the carafe with water and dish soap – no other chemicals -, put the chain into the water and shake the carafe. The chain will loosen up the calcium without damaging the glass. No scratches – only clean glass!

Nesting Trivets – nest it, stack it, play with it

Protect your table from hot pots and pans. With Rig-tig trivets you get a set of 4 trivets in different sizes and in nice, stylish colours. Use one at a time or combine them for larger hot items. Nest the trivets when stored or stack them for fun decoration.

Baking forms – combining cakes

Rig-tig baking tins come in a set of 3 in different sizes that fit each other. You can choose to bake 1, 2 or 3 cakes at the same time or why not combine different flavours in your cake? The baking tins are made of soft silicone.

All products produced by Rigtig / Stelton.

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